About Us

The Farm was born at the beginning of the twentieth century, by initiative of Lodovico Renzi Brivio as a country house and painting studio, his passion. He merged a few small plots of land, around an old barn, for a total area of just over four ectars.

This is therefore a small company, happily situated in a natural environment of exceptional beauty.

Received by inheritance to the current owner, in time the company has undergone a gradual, still minimal transformation, preserving however the original characteristics of absolute respect for the natural environment, as well as the passionate spirit of its owner: the vineyards have left the place of the olive trees , which where already present from the beginning. The house was restored and the cultivated area has slightly increased with the acquisition of two adjacent plots (in contrast to the degrading phenomenon of allotment of land to speculative purposes). This perfectly fits with the existing unified vision of the company, contributing to strengthen the natural balance .

More recently planted olive trees adhere strictly to the protocol specification for the Designation of Origin (DOP), maintaining the old cultivar “gargnano” which is not very productive in terms of quantity but gives the oil a special sweet taste.

Following the earthquake that hit this area in November 2004, the body of the building has been fully restored. Since then, thanks to the specific measures, the careful pruning and careful treatment of each olive tree, and the creation of a sub-irrigation system for drought periods, the olive production has almost doubled. Without even considering the exceptional year of 2013/2014, which saw a production of more than 11.3 metric tons of olives, it has gone from 5.2 tons in 2007/2008 to 7.3 ton of olives in 2012/2013.

For sure this is an infinitely small part of the oil that is annually produced in Italy, and even less if you consider the total sold in our country; But with great pride and dignity, we can say that our oil is a product of the highest quality, achieved with the strict criteria of its excellence and this is the result of our project, to bear and promote the environment that surrounds us.